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Consuming too many pills? Can a compounding pharmacy customize your medicines?

A compounding pharmacy is a type of pharmacy that customizes prescriptions for patients, mixing its own mixtures of medicines to create customized drugs for individual patients. The process is done in order to lower costs and ensure quality care. They can combine ingredients in a way that is more effective for the patient than what is available in the regular market. Consuming too many pills? In this case, a compounding pharmacy might be your best option!

Do you consume too many pills?

The term polypharmacy may seem unfamiliar. However, the term describes 1 in 5 Americans over 40 who take at least five prescriptions. Unfortunately, taking multiple pills is an essential part of life, especially with age. Elders have to deal with many chronic conditions at the same time. Then some over-the-counter medications and supplements are added. However, over time many pills can become dangerous. One of the best remedies for patients is to hire a compounding pharmacy to dispense prescriptions.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

The study of pharmacology is based on composition. Compounding is the method of choosing raw ingredients to make a patient-specific drug. Today, complications occur on a large scale. Big Pharma manufactures drugs that pharmacists stock and distribute accordingly. However, medicine is not always one-size-fits-all. Now pharmacists and patients are rediscovering the need for a local compounding pharmacy.

Benefits of compound pharmacy

There are a few essential advantages to choosing a compound pharmacy over an off-the-shelf product. For example, a pharmacist may change a drug into a pill, liquid, or topical agent. This change is significant for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills. It also helps prevent allergies to ingredients found in large box brands. Best of all, a compounding pharmacist can create medications that are not available on the market to help with rare diseases or conditions. After understanding the above benefits, people with multiple prescriptions can consider compounding pharmacy.

Check your medication first.

Many medications and supplements can tax the mind and body. A visit to the compounding pharmacy or doctor helps assess the current prescription in the drug cabinet. From there, the pharmacist can devise the best strategy using compounding.

How does compounding help with polypharmacy?

By using the compound, pharmacists can reduce the number of pills by maintaining the drug dose. For example, nutritional supplements can be converted into customized vitamins through synthesis. In other cases, a pharmacist may convert some medications into liquid or topical form. A pharmacist can combine two or more recipes into one pill. Reducing the number of drugs can increase consistency and improve overall health. Best of all, customized medications can reduce the overall cost of care.

Cut those pills

There are many benefits to taking a prescription but many risks, especially for the elderly. Non-compliance, loss of prescription refills, and reduced shelf life are some of the potential risks. Medical errors, such as incorrect prescription instructions, are more likely to occur. Compounding minimizes the number of pills with increased adherence. Talk to your doctor today about the possibility of changing your prescription.
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